Underworld City Builder strategy game NecroCity for PC announced

Gameparic has announced its next strategy game NecroCity for PC. The title is a city building game in which players will build a necropolis and manage the economy of the growing world.

In NecroCity, players begin to build a thriving city in a secret location. As the city grows, other residents will begin to appear, such as skeletons, werewolves, goblins, zombies, ghosts, and other monsters.

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Players take on the role of governor. Their main task is to build and manage the city, starting with the basic infrastructure. Players begin by constructing a network of roads, buildings, and other fortifications. It will become important to learn the important skills to control the inhabitants and new creatures may enter.

One of the primary mechanics is to build and manage structures in available space. The game begins with basic structures such as tombs or crypts. All buildings serve an important purpose, so players will need to learn which building has a specific function.

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