Unboxing and important features of the Steelseries Stratus + [Video]

Unboxing and important features of the Steelseries Stratus + [Video]

USB-C to USB-A charging cable. Steelseries is kind enough to provide a charging cable even, but you can always use your existing Android USB-C cable to charge up the gamepad so no need to carry multiple format cables to keep gaming. Steelseries Stratus+ gamepad. The main event is naturally the Steelseries Stratus+ controller, which feels like a fusion of the best gamepads around. Your smartphone is a gaming behemoth in your pocket, and high-quality accessories are becoming more commonplace, but the Steelseries Stratus+ has a few benefits over the competition that might make it the ideal everyday accessory. It’s also fully certified and tested to work flawlessly with NVIDIA GeForce NOW and the RTX 3080 membership tier no matter what device you are playing on.

Steelseries has a long history of producing high-quality gaming accessories, and the Stratus+ is no exception. Why is this a perfect gaming partner for services like NVIDIA GeForce NOW if it’s designed primarily for Android and Chromebook use? Here are some of the most important features and functionalities. A unique folding smartphone mount is included in the package, which fits tightly to the Stratus+ and makes the Bluetooth accessory ideal for a variety of your favourite devices.


  • Most controller smartphone mounts clip on, which causes a couple of problems. Firstly, these can damage your controller and, in turn, damage your phone. The smartphone mount on the Steelseries Stratus+ connects using metal prongs that plug into the gamepad. It’s deceptive sturdy, and you’ve got the benefit of being able to remove and fold flat so it fits in a pocket or bag. Sure, you play games on your phone, but the beauty of cloud gaming is that your Chromebook can access an RTX 3080 gaming rig in the cloud. Sync the Stratus+ and it’s a dual-purpose everyday extra courtesy of stable Bluetooth LE connection.

  • The beauty of PC gaming, in general, is the ability to use a multitude of peripherals with all of your favorite games. The Steelseries Stratus+ include a familiar button layout that mimics classic controllers so that when you’re playing your favorite titles on cloud services like GeForce NOW, everything is right where it needs to be and you can just enjoy games as intended without confusing controller button configurations. Compact smartphone mount.

You’ll get 90 hours of play with a full charge of the Steelseries Stratus+, which is more than enough to tackle even the longest transatlantic flight. Plus a quick 15-minute charge with your smartphone charger and you’ll get a further 12 hours of playtime. With all of the clout of a console gamepad, the Stratus+ is a match made in heaven with NVIDIA GeForce NOW when gaming on your Chromebook or Android phone. Don’t take our word for it, try the GeForce NOW service for yourself by heading to geforcenow.com, and to get the latest and greatest gaming news each and every week, be sure to check out “GFN Thursdays.”

Additional analogue sticks and triggers. A lot of cheap gamepads suffer with loose or slack analogue sticks that make precise movement impossible. The Stratus+ analogue sticks are robust and precise like a regular console gamepad. They click in just how they ought to, which is great for L3 and R3 commands in games that support the addition input option. The triggers and shoulder buttons feature smooth actuation, which is perfect for fast-paced FPS games where reaction times can mean game on versus game over.