UA business school works to diversify the real estate sector

UA business school works to diversify the real estate sector

About 50 students completed the first session last year. Now, the online program is opening 200 slots for students of any age who want to start next month.

The career opportunities in the real estate program in the school of business takes about eight weeks and prepares students for entry level jobs in the industry.


  • The program, working with entities outside the university, seeks to add 100,000 people of color to the real estate industry over the next 10 years. Johnson says much of the issue is just teaching people about the opportunities available across the industry.

  • “We’ve noticed that high school students may want a smaller version of the core program, like a core light,” says Johnson. “We’ve noticed that there may be room for improvement with our older applicants too because they are looking for career changers.”

If you’re interested in the classes that start in February, go to this story in our website and app.  

“They think that it’s, ‘oh, you have to sell houses in order to make money’. And yes, that is the case when it comes to sales,” says Johnson. “But that is not the case when you’re doing a property management job or if you’re in appraisal or such industries like that or development that is more of a salaried job.”


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