Tyrese Maxey stardom and Jerami Grant rumors

Tyrese Maxey stardom and Jerami Grant rumors

The Sixers’ setback in Portland late Saturday night is the starting point for Christopher Kline and Lucas Johnson. The 76ers didn’t stand a chance against a completely healthy Blazers club, but they hung in there. The podcast delves into the game and the players that made a difference for both sides, including Tyrese Maxey and Tobias Harris. Damian Lillard scored 39 points in 37 minutes for Portland, which was a typical night for him.

The Sixers’ West Coast road trip is coming to an end shortly, and fans are looking forward to Joel Embiid’s homecoming. Until then, we’ll have to rely on role players to shoulder the strain over this gruelling run of games. On this episode of the podcast, we continue the discussion on Tyrese Maxey’s unexpected surge over sophomore expectations.


  • Next, the duo brings up the recent Keith Pompey report that indicated how the Sixers are interested in a possible trade for Jerami Grant. Who would the Detroit Pistons be willing to give up with Grant in order to land Ben Simmons? Would Grant fit alongside Joel Embiid and Tobias Harris? We cover this topic thoroughly before moving on to the next discussion.

  • Then, we review what happened in the Denver win against the Nuggets. A clear underdog in this game, the Sixers took control and never looked back. With strong play from Tyrese Maxey and rookie surprise, Charles Bassey, the 76ers showed up Denver on their home court. Lucas and Chris discuss other Sixers players who helped pull out a rare road victory from this trip, and they compare Nikola Jokic to Joel Embiid at this point early in the season.

The NBA league talk continues when the podcast discusses the stellar play of the top players in the league so far. Where do we rank players like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Lebron James? Listen and find out our picks for early season MVP.

The subject shifts then to some league-wide events. The most notable we bring up is the Lebron James flagrant foul against Isaiah Stewart. We break down that play and offer our opinion about the hit and the scuffle that ensued.