Twitter is currently taking Elon Musk to court

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Reports point to Elon Musk shying away from the deal; on Friday, July 8th, Musk filed a document that would cancel the whole acquisition. However, it seems that Twitter isn’t having it. Basically, Twitter is trying to force the deal to go through. The company wants to shackle its hand Elon Musk’s hand.

The last several weeks have seen a leak in Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition. There has been a lot of drama around this whole situation, and it appears that the transaction will end poorly. Now, Twitter has sued Elon Musk and has enlisted the help of some tenacious attorneys. Twitter and Elon Musk have been at odds over matters like the company’s revenue and the number of bot accounts for a while. This complex legal dispute, though, is about something else.


  • Right now, we’re at the very beginning stages of this lawsuit, so there’s not much that we can tell right now. As it stands, Elon Musk wanted to wash his hands of Twitter, but Twitter wants him to buy the company. That’s an odd thing to wrap your head around. Most of us thought that the deal would go off without a hitch. We thought that Elon would cross the T’s and dot the I’s and he’d have a shiny social media company. However, the deal started to fall apart soon after the news broke.

  • Twitter brought tough lawyers to the lawsuit against Elon Musk
    According to The Verge, the social media giant employed the law firm of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. This is a pretty vicious and notable law firm and no doubt very expensive. From this firm, Twitter brought on William Savitt, and Leo Strine. Both of these lawyers have impressive track records. However, Elon Musk isn’t left without a legal army of his one. The Tesla CEO enlisted the help of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan. This is also a firm with an impressive track record. This is the firm that defended Samsung during Apple’s patent lawsuit.

Now, we’re entering the final episode of this soap opera, and it seems that our star couple is splitting up. We can expect this lawsuit to go on for a while, so there will be plenty of updates between now and the final hit of the gavel.


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