Twitter for Mac crashes – you’re not the only one

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In fact, the app even silently crashed in the background for macOS users who had it open before the widespread crashes started occurring. This issue doesn’t seem to be tied to an Apple software update, as it’s impacting users across multiple macOS versions, including the latest macOS Ventura beta. As of right now there is no permanent fix available for this problem. That fix likely relies on Twitter making some sort of server-side update. It’s possible the issue is as simple as a rouge piece of text trying to load at launch.

Today, if you try to launch the Twitter for Mac application, you might encounter some difficulties. On Tuesday afternoon, the Twitter for Mac software began to crash almost every time it was launched. This issue has been the subject of several reports on Twitter, and it has also been confirmed by 9to5Mac. Try opening the Twitter for Mac programme to see it for yourself. The likelihood is that it will crash right away before the window ever appears.


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  • In the meantime, some users have reported that deleting the app and reinstalling will solve the problem. In our testing, however, this is only a temporary fix and the app will crash within a few minutes. Are you having problems with Twitter for Mac this afternoon? Have you found any sort of fix or workaround? Let us know down in the comments. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.


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