Trump says Big Tech it is dividing the country after its supporters attack Congress

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump has blamed Big Tech companies on Tuesday to divide the country in the following days Twitter is Facebook they banned him on their platforms for encouraging the attack on the United States Capitol

    “I think it’s great Tech it is doing a horrible thing for our country and for our country, and I believe it will be a catastrophic mistake for them. They are dividing and dividing, “Trump told reporters at the start of a trip to Texas.

    He said that the companies have made a “terrible mistake” and that there is a “counter move” to Big stocks Tech platforms have taken without being specific as to what it means.

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    Last week, Twitter, Facebook, Google owned by Alphabet Inc, Apple Inc and Inc have taken their strongest actions to date against Trump to limit his reach.

    They cited the potential for violence to persist from the seats of the Republican president, following the January 6 assault by his supporters on the United States Capitol that killed five people.

    Apple, Google and Amazon also suspended Parler – a pro-Trump app where users threatened further violence – from their respective app stores and web hosting services.

    The moves infuriated Trump, who immediately promised he “would not be silenced!” and promised a “big announcement soon”.

    Trump has repeatedly clashed with big tech companies and lashed out at the protections they enjoy under a law called Section 230, which protects companies. from responsibility for the content posted by users. He continued to call for the law to be repealed, even though his calls did not find sufficient support from Congress.

    It even vetoed a $ 740 billion defense bill that awards military funds every year because the bill did not include the language to overturn Section 230. Congress overturned the veto.

    Reportage by Nandita Bose in Washington; Editing by Alistair Bell

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