Tribeca games focus on As Dusk Falls

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The trailer shown at As Dusk Falls delved further into how the developers are using actual cinema equipment and then rotoscoping over it to make an extremely stylised animated style. You’ll be tasked with making decisions that can branch off into multiple different storylines and taking your character from the age of six all the way to the age of nineteen, helping her figure out her way across the minefield that is growing up and how to cope with the numerous different hardships she’ll be faced with.

Today, the Tribeca Games Spotlight unveiled a slew of new titles. As Dusk Falls, a game by INTERIOR/NIGHT, is one of the already revealed titles on display. “As Dusk Falls is an original interactive drama by INTERIOR/NIGHT that spans thirty years in small town Arizona and depicts the intertwined lives of two families. Beginning with a botched heist in 1999, the decisions you make will have a significant influence on the lives of the individuals in this epic tale of treachery, sacrifice, and survival.”


  • As Dusk Falls will be on Game Pass Day one, and will be available on Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S and Windows 10 PC’s. Ryan Easby is a freelance writer for multiple sites. Having previously studied Journalism at Sunderland University, he made the decision to become a game journalist not long after graduating. Since then he’s written for Fanbyte, Fanatical, PCGamesN, TechRaptor, Fraghero, and more. Follow him on Twitter @EasbyGames


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