Torrington Middle School will initiate a cell phone lockdown program

Torrington Middle School will initiate a cell phone lockdown program

The district is among the first in the state to launch this unique way to cut down on cell phone use. Torrington Middle School Adopting Phone Pouches Monday. Students at Torrington Middle School will have to go the entire day without checking their cell phones starting Monday. Previously, the Board of Education chairperson told us it was a way to take the burden of enforcement off of teachers, as well as cut down on cheating and bullying. It’s already being used at hundreds of schools nationwide.

When the school board authorised the programme in February, NBC Connecticut was there. Yondr pouches are the most important component. When pupils arrive at school, they can place their phone in that specific pouch, which will be magnetically locked by a device at the entrance. In Broad Brook, a brush fire has spread to a nearby house. Students can open the pouch as they leave for the day.


  • Following the district’s move to rollout pouches, Michael Mosel started an online petition questioning if the $60,000 for the contract could be better spent and calling for change in the board. Now, he’s joined a task force studying how the pouches would work at the high school and he’s used that spot to make sure his and other parents’ voices are heard.

  • “All the schools I’ve talked to, grades have gone up, discipline has gone down, culture in the school has become better. So we are at the place we feel we have to try something. We just can’t keep complaining about cell phones,” Fiona Cappabianca, school board chairperson said in February. Students who don’t follow the policy can face discipline ranging from having their phone taken to possible suspension or expulsion.

“We should be using them as a disciplinary action only not in an all-encompassing, everyone wants to do this because of emergency situations, medical situations or otherwise,” said Mosel. For now, the launch at the high school has been delayed until next year.