Top 11 Best Magisk Modules You Should Try Today!

Rooting your device gives you total access to your device. After rooting your device you can customize it in your way. You can install different features that were previously not available in your device. Here, from a device, we especially mean your smartphone. Magisk can bypass the SafetyNet of your smartphone and gives you total access to your device’s internal configuration. Magisk also provides different modules for you to install in your device after rooting it. Down below is the list of Top 11 Best Magisk Modules that you should try today. 

Magisk is one of the most popular rooting solutions for Android devices. With Magisk you can root your device without connecting it with any computer or flashing devices. But as it bypasses Google’s SafetyNet, which is used by many applications like Netflix, Banking apps and some games too. These applications that use SafetyNet, can stop working on your device. The advantage of Magisk on other devices is that it provides a huge range of Magisk Modules that can be used to unlock new features or install something that you want to. The 11 Best Magisk Modules 2020 below supports Android Pie, Android 10 and also Android Oreo. You can also install the Xposed framework through Magisk to get more different kinds of modules. Let’s have a look at how to install Magisk and some of the Best Magisk Modules that you should try.

11 Best Magisk Modules 2020:

Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode:

You installed Magisk, great! Now you are enjoying different modules on your device. But what about your data on your device. Do you know that a single unusual thing while installing any of the best Magisk Modules can result in your device in a boot loop? And the solution to this is that you’ll have to uninstall all installed Magisk Modules or the entire Magisk. And if you are really unlucky then you’ll also have to format your device to make it usable again. Don’t worry. There is a way to change your luck, within the best Magisk Modules. This is also a Magisk Module that is highly recommended to install before any other module installation. The Magisk Manager is specially made for saving your data. It stores your data and whenever you face a boot loop or format, it will automatically recover your data.

EdXposed For Xposed Framework:

EdXposed Magisk modules

Coming to the 2nd on our list of Best Magisk Modules, it is the EdXposed. If you want to mod every detail of your device then there is no alternative for the Xposed Framework. The Xposed database has a huge number of mods, helping you to customize every single detail on your device. These modules are trice the number of best Magisk Modules. Earlier, Xposed Framework was the one that ruled the module world. But after several changes in Android after Marshmallow update, this started to stop working on some devices. EdXposed is an unofficial port for Xposed modules for Android Pie. However, to let it work properly on your device, it requires some Magisk Modules to work along with it. This awsome module deserved a place in our list of Best Magisk Modules 2020

Volume Steps Plus:

This Module is one of the most useful and best Magisk Modules for those who find the volume jump from one bar to the second is too high. Especially for those who listen to music in earphones, they feel that the sound jump from one bar to the next bar is too much. Android devices by default only have 15 volume bars between the lowest and highest volume. And this remains unchanged until your OEM or custom ROM changes it. With this Magisk Module, you can increase the number of volume bars in your Android Device. The popularity and usefulness of this Module make it the part of our list of 11 Best Magisk Modules.

Viper4AndroidFX – One of The Best Magisk Modules:

Viper4Android Best Magisk Modules

Is your smartphone is one of them which don’t have much volume? If you rooted your device with Magisk Modules then one of the best Magisk Modules can solve your problem. This Magisk Module is compatible with any device with Android 4.2 and above. After installing it from the Magisk Manager you can enable the eXtra to increase your volume to the maximum capacity of your speaker. Unlike other apps, it has a Speaker Optimizer working along with your music. This Speaker Optimizer keeps your speaker away from damage caused by high volume. Viper4Android FX has many toggles inside helping you to tune your music, giving you a whole new experience. Many other apps also have these features and tuning options but the change by those apps is felt in a very slight level. Hence, it makes it harder for you to tune your audio or making nice audio out of the music after tuning it. But this Magisk Module has changed the way you tune your audio. The changes made through this Module can be felt more effectively than other applications.

One thing you’ll have to keep in mind that, this Magisk Module in some devices may also boost the touch sound of your device. So, whenever you notice it, lower the touch volume or disable it from the internal settings of your device.

Cloudflare DNS4Magisk:

Cloudflare DNS lets you bypass censorship. Bypassing censorship is really helpful for devices in countries like Pakistan, China, Turkey, Venezuela, India, etc. These countries have now blocked the usage of some sites including adult sites, social networks, and some news outlets. This alternative DNS solution can be useful in overcoming restrictions. But the process is not as simple as its work is. It has become a little easier after Android Pie arrived though. The reason of putting it on our list of best Magisk Modules is not just its usefulness, but another reason also lies behind. This Magisk Module also allows you to hide your activities from ISP’s. But by hiding your activity you are giving the right to Cloudflare to access your activity data. If you believe Cloudflare enough to give your online activity data then this might be the best solution for it.

Camera 2API – One of the Best Magisk Modules:

This Magisk Module is helpful for experiencing Pixel camera features on your device. Some brands already have these kinds of hardware in their devices but their OEMs don’t enable it by default. By enabling this you can install any kind of camera software on your smartphone. This can be done manually by editing the build.prop or you can just simply download this Magisk Module on your smartphone. After this is installed, the Google Cam port gets unlocked after enabling Camera2API on your smartphone.

YouTube Vanced – Magisk Module for YouTube:

YouTube has a paid version, YouTube Red. There are many features available on YouTube Red that are not available on YouTube. Those features and privileges are only limited to subscribed users. But, this Magisk Module just solves the problem. YouTube Vanced is one of the best Magisk Modules as it is a modded version of YouTube itself. This module can be installed in any Android Device. This gives you access to enjoy features like Picture in Picture, Pinch to zoom, background playback, override resolution limits and much more. You just simply need to install this module from the Magisk Module manager.

Universal GSM Doze:

Is your device suffering from less battery life? You should’ve noticed that smartphones with Google apps including Google PlayService, PlayStore or Google Files, etc. So, you can also solve your problem by transforming it into an Android One device or a Google device. For doing this Universal GSM Doze is one of the best Magisk Modules to be used. The battery performance increases because the apps are the part of GMS ( Google Mobile Suite).

This module applies the doze setting to all apps on your smartphone. This module can be just easily installed after downloading it from the Magisk Module list.

App Systemizer One of the Best Magisk Modules:

This Magisk Module does what it says in its name. It might even not clear for you. App Systemizer converts downloaded apps to system app. This helps you to protect any app from getting uninstalled. More importantly, system apps consume battery life in a very essential way. This increases the battery backup of your device. This Magisk Module is the most useful for protecting applications such as App Lockers. There are many more features and privileges that you get to use with every app you install on your device.

The module comes in two versions. One of those is the GUI version. The other version works via a Terminal app. This Module is available in the Magisk Modules list. This module just needs to be downloaded and installed to start protecting the applications that you select.

Pixel Experience Magisk Modules:

It doesn’t matter how good any other smartphones perform, Google Pixel devices are always going to the king of Android Devices. There are many modules for porting Pixel apps like Google Cam, etc. But this Magisk Module brings all those at a once. This module includes all Google Pixel applications that are exclusive. It even takes on the theme and OS design that are exclusive for Pixel devices. The applications and features also include Camera2API, system audios, fonts and everything else. But this Magisk Module might not work heavily skinned devices like Samsung & LG. But if your smartphone is a Stock device or any close to stock, then this might be one of the best Magisk Modules for experiencing Pixel applications and features.

Google Dialer Framework:

Last but not least, this module is one of the best Magisk Modules. There are some certain reasons why this Magisk Module is worth mention on the list of best Magisk Modules. Google tries to keep many applications exclusive to the Pixel Devices. Some of the applications like Google Camera and Google Phone used to be available for all Android devices, but soon they became Pixel exclusive applications. These applications included features like call screening.

But not more. This Magisk Module allows you to get access to one of the features that are exclusive to Pixel devices. There are more features and exclusive applications available for other devices via Magisk Modules but this feature was the one we decided to mention. This allows you to download Google Phone apps through PlayStore. This makes it one of the most useful and best Magisk Modules.

These were the best Magisk Modules that we chose to mention on our list of 11 Best Magisk Modules. But you may face problems or don’t know how to use these best Magisk Modules. For helping you out of it we got the list of steps that you need to follow to install any of the best Magisk Module.

Installation Steps:

  • Open Magisk Manager.
  • Open the sidebar and select Downloads.
  • Select any of the Magisk Modules seen and tap the read more option. You’ll have to carefully read the steps and see if that module is suitable for your device. Many modules might not work on your device as they are exclusive to some devices.
  • Tap on the download button below the read more button. After it gets downloaded it will get installed automatically if you chose the download and install option while downloading. Or else you’ll have to install them manually.
  • Tap Reboot when prompted. Your device will restart and your Magisk Module will get installed. Be patience, the time required for installation depends on your internal memory speed and size of the modules.

We hope that our list of 11 Best Magisk Modules and installation instructions helped you. If there are any queries about any of your modules, you can simply visit the help site of Magisk. The link will be in the Magisk Manager’s about section.

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