Today’s CHAT news

Today's CHAT news

Some contain what’s called a USB Hub. This includes USB-A (standard USB ports) and a USB-B port. The cable will be included with the monitor. By plugging in the USB-B end to the monitor’s USB-B port, and the USB-A end into the (typically) laptop, you can then utilize what extra USB-A ports are on the monitor itself, to plug in peripherals such as a keyboard or mouse. In essence, this offers greater flexibility, and many laptops are coming with less and less USB ports these days.

Computer monitors are being employed in a variety of contexts. If the system supports it, it can be used as a single display or as a dual or triple display. Alternatively, you may use an iMac or an All-in-One computer. They can also be connected to a laptop to create a larger screen, which is typically preferred by folks who have replaced their desktop and feel the new laptop screen to be too tiny.


  • Certain models have vertical adjustment, the ability to mount to a wall or desk, tilt, as well as extra cables. Touchscreen models are also available. When replacing a monitor, it’s important to see if you have at least one of the same video connections on the computer as on the new monitor. If not, an adapter may be required. Then there are what most people consider the key factors – screen-size, how good the screen resolution is, the gamut range of colours supported, refresh rate (how many times/second the screen gets refreshed), bezel thickness, and viewing angles.

  • Some monitors contain further extras, such as a webcam (desirable in these work-at-home times), or built-in speakers. With some models it is possible to create a different multi-monitor experience by connecting the monitors themselves to each other after the initial single connection to the computer. This is what’s called ‘daisy chaining’, although it is currently only supported through the DisplayPort video interface, and your system must be able to support such capability. This eliminates cables, and is particularly useful on laptops, which frequently have only one video port.