Tidy Cleaners celebrates 75 years of activity

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The hardworking standards were passed down to him from his father, Ray, co-founder of the company located on South Broadway.

GREEN BAY – Like clockwork each weekday, Tidy Cleaners and Laundry Owner Jim Mohr arrives to work by 6 a.m..


  • A number Jim and his older brother, Dennis Mohr, said they are happy to have achieved.

  • This year, Tidy Cleaners hits its 75th anniversary as a staple in the Green Bay community.

Dennis said he knew their dad would be pleased as well.

“I’m pretty proud of it,” 64-year-old Jim said. “I’ve been here for two-thirds of it.”

“I think he’d be very proud that it’s still going,” he said. “I’m 67, so from 12 to 67, I’ve been here a long time.”

The Mohr sons said they take pride in treating their customers well.

A standard that has seemed to bode well for the company, as 80-90% of those who frequent Tidy are repeat customers, who have been regulars for decades, earning Tidy a solid reputation.  

Tidy’s history After serving in the Merchant Marines, Ray and high school friend, Bill Neverman, started Tidy Didy Diaper Service in 1946.

The original building was off Third Street, kitty-corner to Tidy’s current location. Jim said the first 25 years of the company was all about cleaning diapers, but said when families started to buy washing machines and dryers in the 1970s, a diaper service was no longer needed.

In 1963, Tidy constructed its current building. Ray and his wife, Pat, who also worked at the company for decades, bought out Neverman in the 1980s.

“He went from cleaning diapers to doing laundry and then dry cleaning,” Jim said. “You have to adapt to the times.” Ray knew a change was needed, and Tidy Cleaning and Laundry was born.