Three unique ways to save and earn with your car

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Regardless of where you live, complying with your states law’s regarding car insurance is mandatory, however, there are ways to reduce your rates and premiums based on your liabilities, and how you use your vehicles. There are more specific insurance plans that offer discounts and better rates based on the general use of a vehicle. A great example of this would be infrequently driven cars due to the pandemic, coinciding with working remotely. A good question to ask yourself in this scenario would be “how much can I save on car insurance on a car I rarely drive?”, and applying this to a more cost-efficient insurance plan. The question itself helps provide its own solution, and one would quickly discover savings of around 30% annually on a simple policy change. A unique insurance plan such as this could also go beyond working remotely and also be applied to other less-used vehicles you possess to provide even more savings.

Unique Auto Insurance Policies


  • Alike the aforementioned point of rarely driven car insurance, you could also inquire about renting your car out. This method could be perfect for individuals who work from home or spend a lot of time flying to different states or abroad for work or travel and wish to keep their existing insurance plan. This is easily done securely through the means of apps and websites. These apps will often provide their insurance or work with your existing insurance provider to rent your car out safely and securely with minimal risk to your vehicle. They also offer protections such as cleaning and detailing in the event of mistreatment by a customer. All in all, this method provides a very hands-off approach to using your vehicle as an asset to generate money.

  • Renting Out Your Car

Another uncommonly used method to save or even generate money is ride-sharing. Ride-sharing is essentially just car-pooling but nowadays can be a bit more advanced and involved. Typically, this will be done through an app, website, or social media by posting a listing and having others pay to ride along in your vehicle for the journey. This method can be fantastic additional income for those who travel a lot for work or leisure and will easily cover the costs of gas. Ride-sharing also offers the opportunity to meet new people, and allow for more enjoyable drives which in turn could yield additional health benefits as well as connections for resumes and opportunities. There is a caveat, however, in that some people may just be unpleasant, or attempt to avoid paying, but if you use secure apps, they will provide protections such as rating systems and background information to prevent instances of this sort of behavior.



When it comes to methods to save money and use your car as an asset, one may not consider these previously mentioned methods and miss out on the potential extra benefits of car ownership. It’s equally likely that these methods may not even be beneficial to you depending on circumstance, or work situations but as you continue throughout your ever-changing lives, simply knowing about these options could provide benefits to you and your family in the future, and help pave the way to a better life.


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