Three UK partners with TCS to accelerate the rollout of the 5G network

IT Services Lead Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) said on Monday that it has been selected by Three UK, one of the UK’s leading mobile network operators, to help the latter set up their mobile network for the ongoing launch of 5G services.

Three is in the process of rolling out a new 5G radio access network that already lives in 175 towns and cities in the UK, in more than 1,000 sites, providing its customers with access to next-generation 5G connectivity.

“It has chosen TCS as a partner to manage the configuration of a new next generation mobile network and ensure that it integrates properly with the 5G radio access network. This work will include the configuration of the core network for the new site implementations, site 3G and 4G upgrades, performance management and optimization changes, ”a statement said.

The TCS software will speed up the configuration check and reduce manual errors, ensuring the correct first network configuration, he added.

TCS also provides 24/7 network support for configuration and ad-hoc fixes site test. These improvements will help Three deliver faster, safer and more reliable 5G services to their customers.

“Three UK’s 5G rollout is underpinned by our agility in bringing services to market. Our decision to partner with TCS was based on this need to deliver on pace while being flexible to changing needs. able to mobilize quickly and is now integrated into our 5G supply to support our 5G journey, “said Carlo Melis, Chief Networks Officer of three UKs.

TCS has been a partner of Three UK for 15 years, works with a variety of business units and has been instrumental in supporting the company’s ambition to become the first telecom company in the world to host all of its applications entirely on the public cloud, he says. the declaration.

“We look forward to expanding our work with Three as we enter this exciting new period of broad availability of 5G consumers in the UK,” said Carol Wilson, Head of Communications, Media and Information Services Business – Europe and UK at TCS.

“With our deep telecom industry experience and continued investment and innovation in 5G, we are the ideal partner to make it a success. Our new partnership will help Three’s network continue to deliver the amazing experience customers have come to expect.” Wilson added.

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  • This job will include configuring the main network for the new one site implementations, site Updates, performance management, and 3G and 4G optimization changes, a statement said, TCS software will speed up configuration checking and reduce manual errors, ensuring the first correct network configuration, he added. for configuration and ad-hoc fixes site test.
  • Three UK partners with TCS to accelerate the rollout of the 5G network