Three friends turn their love of sneakers into a successful business

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That love took three friends all over the country for a few years. They recently decided to put down roots at home, and opened a store in Sylvania. They buy, sell and trade the things they love the most.

Sneakers are a way of life, and a way to pay the bills for James Reditt, Timothy Beale and Jacob Linnebur. The three have turned their love of footwear into a booming business called City Wide Soles.


  • Timothy left college to pursue sneakers as a career. “I tried the college route, but it got to the point where I was making so much money doing something I love. It’s really starting to pay off.”

  • James says his love of shoes started at an early age. “I was always into shoes. When I was a baby my parents would take me along when they went to get shoes. As a kid, I would save all my money up just to get the latest shoes coming out on Saturday. I started selling them when I was in 8th grade.”

In addition to all the new sneakers on the shelves, Timothy says there are plenty of gently used models as well.

In the beginning they traveled all over the country to special events. After logging a lot of miles, they realized they could do plenty of business here at home too. They opened the store last weekend on Monroe Street, and the shelves are full of fan favorites.

“People can bring in used pairs, or pairs they got in a new release. They can also bring something that has been collecting dust in the closet. We buy, sell and trade all day. Since we opened people have brought in several pairs of shoes I have never seen in person that I have wanted to see. This space has really brought sneakerheads together”

James says the kicks have a wide range of price tags. “Prices range from under $100 all the way up to $2,000, and sometimes even more than that.”

Even with the new store, the owners peddle a lot of the products online. And when it comes to deciding prices, there’s an app that helps track supply and demand. James says selling shoes has a lot of similarities to the stock market, and there are plenty of investment opportunities. “I’ve done a couple long-holds where I buy 20-30 pairs of sneakers for $200-$300. I wait a year or two and then sell them for $600-$700.”

But City Wide Soles is about more than sales. Timothy says it’s also about spending time and connecting with people who share your passion. “You can come in and just talk sneaker talk. We’re here for advice, we’re here for education, and just for the fun of it. It is a hobby for a lot of people and they love talking sneakers.”

City Wide Soles is open seven days a week. If you’d like to learn more, click here.

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