Thor’s new content from Marvel’s Avengers has met with backlash

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So, why is this being met with backlash? Well, it doesn’t look like any has a problem with the takedown itself, minus a few complaints that the animation takes too long. Rather, players are slamming Crystal Dynamics for the release of the takedown in relationship to the current state of the game. In other words, players are using it as an opportunity to complain about the game as a whole.

Marvel’s Avengers has released new Thor content, and it’s being met with backlash from some fans of the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Google Stadia gane. More specifically, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have released a new wrestling-inspired takedown for Thor that’s part of a larger release of takedowns, all of which are inspired by the moves you would see in a WWE ring.


  • “You guys have literally hours of MCU movies to pull cool takedowns from. Decades of comics even. And you geniuses come up with wrestling,” reads another reply. “Way to respect the source material.”

  • “Wow this is what y’all doing instead of making the game fun to play,” reads the top reply to the tweet promoting the new takedown. “Imagine continuing to try to sell cosmetic fluff in the most boring superhero game since Superman64,” adds another top reply. “Need to have those animators and skin designers working on making some enemies that aren’t generic robots.”

Of course, there are plenty of players excited for the new takedown, and even more with no complaints. That said, the replies above appear to be the majority, at least on Twitter. And unless the game is releasing a new MCU skin, this seems to be the sentiment about the game at the moment.