This WhatsApp scam has the potential to take over yours Phone

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Let’s take a look at the scam from here. Vivo T2X With 144Hz Refresh Rate, Dimensity 1300 SoC Goes Official; India Launch & Specifications by TaboolaSponsored Links Always Place a Plastic Bottle on Your Tires, Here’s Why Rich Houses Security, Performance, Manageability and Stability for your PCs Intel vPro®️ New WhatsApp Scam As per the info shared by the executive on Twitter, victims get a call from hackers and you will have to call numbers starting from ’67’ or ‘405’.

WhatsApp scams are not uncommon, as we hear about them from time to time. With the rise in popularity of this instant messaging medium, hackers are devising new techniques to deceive unsuspecting users and get access to their accounts. Another new WhatsApp hoax has been discovered, claiming to be able to take control of a user’s account with just a phone call. Rahul Sasi, the CEO of CloudSEk, a contextual AI startup that forecasts cyber hazards, has called attention to the new WhatsApp fraud.


  • Amazon Sale: Discount On Best Web Camera For Laptops To Buy In India Eventually, the hackers will use this technique to forward victims’ calls to a number that is owned by them. Also, they will simultaneously start the WhatsApp registration process and select the OTP verification via phone call. When the call is routed to their number, the OTP verification call will be made to the attacker’s phone. This way, complete control will be given to the hackers.   As per the security researcher, this trick can be used to get control of anyone’s WhatsApp account, provided the hacker has physical access to their phone and all approvals to make calls. Given that each country and telecom operator has a similar service request number, this trick of the hackers can be used to attack victims all over the world.

  • Once they make the call, they are logged out of their WhatsApp accounts and hackers gain complete control of their accounts within seconds. First, users will receive a call from the hacker who will persuade you to make a call to the following number **67* or *405*. Once you do this, you will be logged out of your WhatsApp account within a few minutes and it will expose all your account details as the hackers can control your device. How Does This WhatsApp Scam Work? As per the explanation shared by the CloudSEK founder, the numbers as mentioned above that the victims dial is a service request for telecom operators such as Jio and Airtel for ‘call forwarding’. This feature is used to divert calls when the number is busy or engaged.


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