This serious crash of Google Maps on Android Auto is not to be ignored

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For some reason, however, a glitch that was discovered in late May and which caused the app to crash on Android Auto is yet to be resolved, even though more and more people seem to be affected. And what’s even more surprising is that an official patch is yet to be confirmed, despite users already discovering a fix. More specifically, it looks like Google Maps on Android Auto sometimes freezes all of a sudden, either when launching the app or shortly after enabling the navigation.

Google Maps was, is, and will undoubtedly be the world’s most popular mobile navigation app, and although we’re not here to debate why, there’s something else that should be mentioned. Android’s new Auto UI Android’s new Auto UI Android’s new Auto UI Android’s new Auto UI The new Android Auto UI/ An app, which has been quite popular, is experiencing the same challenges as other software solutions on the market, but given its massive user base, important concerns should be addressed as quickly as feasible.


  • Unfortunately, there’s still no ETA as to when a Google Maps update to resolve this problem could eventually get the go-ahead, as nobody from the search giant chimed in on the Google forums where the bug is being discussed. In the meantime, the easiest way to deal with it is to just disable the satellite mode in Google Maps and, of course, make sure you are always running the latest app versions on Android Auto.

  • While such a problem could have a wide variety of causes, users who’ve been struggling with this behavior for the last couple of months have narrowed them all to just one. The satellite mode in Google Maps is the one that’s causing the application to freeze on Android Auto, so the easy fix for the whole thing is to just disable it and switch to the standard navigation mode. Of course, it’s not the most convenient solution, but at least it gets the job done temporarily until Google comes up with a fix.


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