This retro-looking Raspberry Pi compatible computer kit is fully customizable

If you like the Raspberry Pi 400, here’s a cooler way to turn any single board computer (SBC) like the Raspberry Pi into a retro boombox-style laptop.

Inserted in an aluminum casing, the Ready! Model 100 has enough space to hold any SBC or Micro-ITX and even Intel NUC, with free space for batteries, monitors, and other electronics.

The Ready! Model 100 is available in multiple variants, from a DIY kit for a fully assembled gaming computer that sports an AMD Ryzen V1605B SBC, making it usable for all kinds of personal computing use cases.

Multiple variations

On the front, the chassis has room for a small HDMI touchscreen with ultra-wide 1920 x 480 resolution and a 64 key …

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