This James Webb wallpaper is for Android

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Don’t worry, Android Authority has you covered. Here, we have four images from the James Webb telescope scaled down to fit your Android phone’s display. These come directly from the original images, which are massive — we’re talking 130MB+ at a resolution of 14,575 x 8,441 pixels. We’ve cropped and pushed them down to a much more reasonable 1,440 x 1,440 resolution, so they should look great on pretty much any Android device.

With these incredible photographs, your phone will appear downright extraterrestrial. C. Scott Brown The James Webb telescope has been producing stunning photographs for the past 24 hours. For the first time in human history, we can observe our universe in incredible detail. However, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a James Webb phone wallpaper?


  • Finally, don’t forget that we have a weekly roundup of wallpapers called Wallpaper Wednesday. We love posting photos from our readers in this weekly series, so check out the latest installment and send us your best shots! The best wallpapers are only a small portion of our Android Apps coverage, check it out today.

  • At the top left, we have Stephan’s Quintet in a composite image of several shots. At the top right, we have the stunning Southern Ring Nebula. To the bottom left, we have the first deep field image publicly released. And, finally, at the bottom right we have the jaw-dropping Carina Nebula. To get a James Webb wallpaper on your phone, hit the button below. That will allow you to download a ZIP file with all four 1440p images without any compression. Unzip that file and then choose the wallpaper you like best.

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