This first electric car from Cadillac packs a 33-inch screen

This first electric car from Cadillac packs a 33-inch screen

Tech News: This first electric car from Cadillac packs a 33-inch screen.

Cadillac has announced its first all-electric car, the Lyriq, which attracts attention. Although the crossover SUV was technically unveiled in 2020, it was just a concept car back then, but it’s impressive to see Cadillac staying so faithful to the same design in its product offering, which is slated for 2022. In addition to its futuristic aesthetic – think of it as a great white shark on four wheels: the Lyriq also comes with some impressive performance and energy-saving credentials.

For starters, Cadillac claims its EV debut will achieve a range of 300 miles from a 100 kWh battery, which uses the same electrical architecture as GMC’s upcoming Hummer EV SUV (both manufacturers are derivatives of General Motors).

In comparison, this is a more complete battery and range than the entry-level models of both the Audi Q4 e-Tron and the BMW iX, although it is worth remembering that these figures are only projections at this stage and could be slightly lower when the car finally arrives.

A single permanent magnet motor drives the rear axle and, according to Cadillac, delivers around 340 hp / 255 kW to the 5,610-pound car. So it will be interesting to see if the Lyriq can live up to its bold range claims, given that it’s such a heavy car. Perhaps its weight is an ode to the roots of Cadillac muscle cars?

Less impressive is the Lyriq’s expected charging time – reportedly a range of 52 miles per hour with a 240V AC charger at home, though public DC fast charging boosts this to around 76 miles in just 10 minutes, which is not bad.