These are the distinctions between Android TV and Google TV

These are the distinctions between Android TV and Google TV

The operating system comes with an interactive interface that combines TV shows from various services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney + as well as shows from Line TV. It is also possible to install apps like YouTube on TV via Google Play Store. The Android TV operating system works very closely with Google services. Registration with a Google account is possible, but not required. A very popular feature of Android TV is Google Assistant control. With it, you can call up series and movies by voice commands.

Android TV and Google TV – While the titles of the two services sound similar, Android TV and Google TV have a limited link. Those are the distinctions. Works on around 15% of smart TVs globally. Google’s AndroidTV operating system. Simultaneously, Android developers provide their own user interface with Google TV, which includes smart functionalities. The distinctions between the two services are discussed more below. Android TV is a television operating system produced by Google that runs directly on the mobile operating system Android Its headquarters, which is also built by Google.


  • The main difference between the two services is that Google TV is not a standalone operating system but is based on Android TV. Accordingly, the extended user interface that Google TV already represents cannot be described as a successor to Android TV. The feature that Google advertises the most is recommending personalized content based on past streams. With the watchlist function, your favorite movies or series can be saved to watch later. Google Assistant also provides answers to questions that have nothing to do with the TV. Smart home devices can also be controlled using Google TV.

  • Android TV also brings support for simple games like Minecraft, Asphalt 8 Airborne, or Final Fantasy IX, through the aforementioned Google Play Store. Thanks to the built-in Chromecast technology, content can also be played using the smartphone from apps that Android TV does not natively support. Google TV released a modified version of the Android TV user interface in September 2020 along with Chromecast with Google TV Foot. The improved user interface brings a fresher, more modern look, smarter streaming suggestions, and tighter Google Assistant integration, among other things.

Today, the service is compatible with more than 6,500 Android TV apps and about 40 streaming providers, with new apps added every week. By the end of the year, Google wants to transform the entire Android TV ecosystem into Google TV. So far, the interface is available on select Sony and TCL TVs, as well as Chromecast with Google TV.