These are the Android brands that our readers like and guess who comes first

These are the Android brands that our readers like and guess who comes first

Over the weekend, we asked our readers what brand they’re using as their current smartphone. We received more than 15,000 responses to our poll (thank you!), and out of nearly ten options, Samsung came out on top with about 42% of the votes. Google was in second place with 28% of votes, followed by OnePlus with 10%.

We polled our readers to find out which brands they like, and we received a slew of comments. We polled our readers to find out which Android brand they currently own. Samsung is used by over 42% of respondents, with Google coming in second with 28% of votes. OnePlus was also a popular option, with some people claiming that ASUS phones are their favourites.


  • Google has had an impressive run with the Pixel 6 series, which has managed to help the tech giant capture record Pixel sales in Q4 2021. And OnePlus has also impressed with its latest smartphones, both in the high-end and mid-range. Despite capturing third place at least in the U.S. market, Motorola is surprisingly low on the list, as is LG, which is not much of a surprise.

  • The results aren’t too surprising, especially given that Samsung continues to dominate the Android smartphone market in the wake of growing competition from Chinese OEMs. The company has released a smartphone for nearly every price point in various regions. Not to mention, Samsung has offered impressive software support for its best Android phones and even its midrange, like the new Galaxy A53 5G, which is receiving four OS upgrades.


Many users across Android Central social media commented that they enjoy their Samsung phones. Some, however, prefer other devices such as the ASUS Zenfone and ROG series phones. One user on Facebook commented that they prefer phones that don’t use the “stock” Android experience: