Theoretically, getting a wireless Android car adapter should be easier now (not really)

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AAWireless has more or less pioneered this device category, but the first “official” adapter belongs to Motorola. Announced by Google itself with much fanfare earlier this year, the Motorola MA1 is a small device that does pretty much the same thing as AAWireless: it transforms the wired version of Android Auto into wireless by simply connecting to the USB port in the car. However, since its launch, the MA1 has been in super-high demand, and getting your hands on the adapter has been quite a challenge.

The world of wireless Android Auto adapters has changed dramatically in recent years, owing to the emergence of new gadgets that let users to go from wired to wireless in seconds. Android Auto Motorola Wireless Car Adapter Android Auto Motorola Wireless Car Adapter Android Auto Motorola Wireless Car Adapter Android Auto Motorola Wireless Car Adapter Android Auto Motorola Wireless Car Adapter Motorola Android Auto Wireless Car Adapter


  • In the meantime, AAWireless will soon get its very own online store as well. While you can still order the device from Indiegogo with a dedicated store, the experience should become a lot more straightforward, especially because the stock issues are slowly but surely being resolved at all warehouses. In other words, it shouldn’t take too long before we’ll be able to buy wireless Android Auto adapters without insane waiting times, no matter the model we choose (all do pretty much the same thing, so this doesn’t necessarily make such a huge difference anyway).

  • Nevertheless, buying Motorola’s Android Auto device is apparently getting easier, as the device has recently launched at Best Buy with the same $89.99 price tag. Previously, the adapter could be ordered directly from Motorola or from Target. The device has reportedly been available at Best Buy for more than a month, so if anything, its debut in the store took place rather quietly. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that walk-in store visitors can get their hands on the MA1 anyway. Best Buy also says the device isn’t in stock right now, so if you pay for the adapter today, you should theoretically be able to get it in approximately 9 days.


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