The well-known equine broker hopes to inspire Wilberforce students

“I hope to be able to bring visibility from the point of view of my industry and, more importantly, for children who may not necessarily think about entering the equine business but perhaps want to get involved in another field is some kind of lack of diversity or not necessarily inclusive of others for to be able to see an example of someone who made it in an industry that lacks diversity, ”Harbut said.

Harbut said the industry was more diverse, but there are very few blacks in the equine industry today from jockeys to bloodstock owners, like him. The industry is also primarily male, he said.

Fifteen of the top 28 Kentucky Derbies were won by the black jockeys.

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Harbut said that after Plessy vs. Ferguson, the historic US Supreme Court decision that supported the idea of ​​”separate but equal” structures for whites and blacks, the horse racing industry didn’t want to have separate black and white horse racing, so they pushed the black people out of horse racing and property.

“I think we are dealing with a lot of people who have unconscious biases already built in,” he said …

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