The weekly experience: passwords went out

The weekly experience: passwords went out

And Google’s rumored to soon launch “Pixel Buds Pro” to Rival Apple’s AirPods Pro. Latest Google Play system update makes file sharing easier between your devices — no need to approve every file you share. Android 13 is getting new sideloading restrictions, but they are good. Meanwhile, Google’s added some helpful features for summer vacation planning: tracking flight prices between two cities, browsing destinations within driving distance, and new overlays to help you see which neighborhoods seem the most interesting to stay in. Google Pixel 3a to receive one more update before going off into oblivion.

Get all the week’s biggest tech news, from passwordless sign-in to the newest Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 leak and more, right here. Welcome to The Weekly Authority, the Android Authority newsletter that summarises the week’s best Android and tech news. The 193rd issue has arrived, complete with passwordless sign-in, Samsung’s UFS 4.0 flash storage, Resident Evil 4’s inventory briefcase puzzle game, and other goodies. After finally seeing Uncharted, I’m left feeling unimpressed – I simply don’t envision Mark Wahlberg as Sully! The Google Pixel Fold rumour predicts a smaller Galaxy Z Fold 4 competitor, fitting in between Oppo’s and Samsung’s products in terms of size.


  • Apple sues RISC-V chip startup, alleging theft of trade secrets and poaching employees, and asking for “a reasonable royalty rate,” amongst other things. EU says Apple Pay is anticompetitive: “The Commission takes issue with the decision by Apple to prevent mobile wallets app developers, from accessing the necessary hardware and software (‘NFC input’) on its devices, to the benefit of its own solution, Apple Pay.” And it’s not your imagination — iPhone users really are worse drivers. And WhatsApp’s new features are rolling out to users this week, including its new Communities feature and the ability to share larger files.

  • Samsung’s UFS 4.0 flash storage is a major upgrade, especially for 5G phones, offering twice the performance of 3.1, plus smaller sizes and better energy efficiency. Some Galaxy S22 camera features are coming to older Samsung phones, including phones as old as the Galaxy S10 series. OnePlus Nord 3 launch could be imminent after it appears on company website, could launch alongside a Nord-branded smartwatch. OnePlus 10 Ultra could fix some of the OnePlus 10 Pro’s mistakes, could focus on cameras, likely launching August or September. Meanwhile, the OnePlus Nord 2T quietly appeared on AliExpress, listed with a €399 price tag, but OnePlus says it hasn’t announced anything.