The Wear OS smartwatch you’ve been waiting for may be missing from Fitbit’s future wearables

The Wear OS smartwatch you've been waiting for may be missing from Fitbit's future wearables

Let’s dissect the good news first: 9to5Google pored through the Fitbit app’s latest update, and found signs of a handful of upcoming devices, including codenames “Hera,” “Rhea,” and “Nyota.” Those continue the long-standing tradition of Fitbit assigning space/sci-fi-related alias for its devices, with Hera Syndulla and Lieutenant Nyota Uhura characters in Star Wars Rebels and Star Trek respectively, and Rhea being one of Jupiter’s moons.

Fitbit is one of the most well-known wearables brands in the world, and the firm has been merged into Google’s hardware group following its $2.1 billion acquisition by the Mountain View behemoth in early 2021. If you were looking for new Fitbit smartwatches this year, there’s good news and bad news for you: It appears that new wearables are in the works, but based on what we’ve seen so far, they may not be the ones you’re hoping for.


  • None of these offerings, however, seem to be equipped with Wear OS, at least from what the teardown revealed. All three of the codenames were found in the code for the software bridge that connects the smartwatch’s firmware to your phone — and if they were powered by Wear OS, such a bridge wouldn’t be needed. That’s something less than conclusive, but if true, that would mean Google isn’t living up to previous promises — the company earlier mentioned future Fitbit devices would run Wear OS rather than Fitbit’s platform. We’ll hopefully learn more about these upcoming smartwatches in the next few months.

  • Other conclusions can be formed based on the few available specs the app reveals. Hera and Rhea — which also happen to be cute anagrams — have display resolutions of 336×336, indicating these might be new entries in the Versa and Sense lineups. We haven’t seen new entries in this lineup since late 2020. Meanwhile, Nyota might most certainly be a new Fitbit Luxe, with the same display resolution of 124×208.