The top ten Android banking trojans are designed to target apps with over a billion installs

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According to a report by Zimperium that gives an overview of the Android ecosystem in the first quarter of 2021, each of these trojans has assumed a unique spot in the market by how many organizations they target as well as functionality that differentiate them from the rest. This finding is very worrying, as according to 2021 surveys, three out of four respondents in the U.S. use banking apps to perform their daily banking activities, providing a massive pool of targets for these trojans.

The top 10 Android mobile banking trojans target 639 financial apps that have received over one billion downloads on the Google Play Store. Mobile banking trojans are regularly found in the Google Play Store, Android’s official app store, hidden behind ostensibly innocent apps like productivity tools and games. Once they’ve infected a device, they leverage Accessibility services to take activities as the user, overlaying login pages on top of genuine banking and finance applications to steal account passwords, monitoring notifications to capture OTPs, and even carrying out on-device financial fraud.


  • Unites States tops the list of the most targeted countries having 121 targeted apps. The United Kingdom follows with 55 apps, Italy with 43, Turkey with 34, Australia counts 33, and France has 31. The trojan that targets the most applications is Teabot, covering 410 out of 639 of those tracked, while Exobot also targets a sizable pool of 324 applications. The targeted application with the most downloads is PhonePe, which is very popular in India, having 100 million downloads from the Play Store.


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