The Time I Have Left is an elegant time-driven escape adventure

The Time I Have Left is an elegant time-driven escape adventure

The Time I Have Left will have a turn-based combat system with “active elements.” The site describes “light and accessible RPG elements” with a possible focus on evading creatures instead of fighting them. Ground Games also hinted at how time will factor into gameplay. The story includes “key events” that will only trigger during certain times. “Shortcuts, hidden stories, unique items, and other secrets lie in wait,” the site reads.

Ground Games’ The Time I Have Left, a third-person adventure game, was announced today at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase. The game is characterised as a “time-driven escape experience” that appears to be filtered through a stained glass window, similar to an old-school Resident Evil game. You play as Aline, a “Affected” woman who will die in six hours if she does not escape Colony 7. “Groovy animals” also prowl the city, as seen in the teaser, eager to wreck your day. The trailer doesn’t tell much about the gameplay beyond the fact that you’ll be running a lot, but the official website does.



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