The speed test between Galaxy S21 Ultra’s Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100 versions might surprise you

The speed test between Snapdragon 888 versions of Galaxy S21 Ultra and Exynos 2100 may surprise you

Tech News: The speed test between Galaxy S21 Ultra’s Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100 versions might surprise you.

Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones will be ready for use in about a week, but despite everything we learned at the Galaxy Unpacked event and the plethora of leaks that brought it, there are still many things we don’t know. For example, how do the different chips compare? The latest chips from Qualcomm and Samsung have yet to reach the masses, so the Galaxy S21 series will show how these chips perform and whether or not Samsung has made noticeable improvements to their chip.

While benchmarks suggest Qualcomm’s chip will perform better, a smartphone’s performance cannot be measured by benchmark numbers alone. YouTuber SpeedTest G, therefore, pitted the Galaxy S21 Ultra against each other to test how the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and Samsung Exynos 2100 fare against each other, and the results are a bit surprising.

The first half of the test focuses on CPU performance, and the Samsung chip consistently managed to outperform the Qualcomm processor. Given that both have similar architectures and the Exynos has a slightly higher clock speed, perhaps that was to be expected.

Things changed when the mixed test arrived, which uses both CPU and GPU. The Snapdragon 888 passed a smoke particle test not only faster but with a higher overall frame rate than the Exynos 2100. It was only with the GPU test that things took a bad turn towards Qualcomm. The Galaxy S21 Ultra with the Exynos chip showed big hitches in the first Unity test and slower performance in the Unreal Engine test.

As a result, the Galaxy S21 Ultra with Qualcomm 888 performed better overall, at least when it came to mixed usage and GPU performance. The Exynos still managed to hold its own in the CPU test, and overall did pretty well against Qualcomm’s latest and greatest.

The Galaxy S21 series will be available on January 29th. The US and a few other select regions will receive the Qualcomm chip, which will power many of this year’s best Android phones, while most international versions of the Galaxy S21 will have the Exynos chip.