The shortage of fireworks affects the Pine Belt business

The shortage of fireworks affects the Pine Belt business

Steve Aycock is the store manager at Loco Joes in Hattiesburg. He says the shortage has affected his store.

But what if you try to buy some, and they’re all gone because of a nationwide fireworks shortage?


  • He says even though he’s excited for the busy week. He’s concerned about his supplies because of the fireworks shortage.

  • “Normally, everything back here, would be stacked to up and above here, and as you can see here, I’m starting to run low, and we’ve still got another week to go,” said Aycock while pointing to a short stack of boxes.

Aycock says he just hopes his supplies will get him through this week, but it’s not looking hopeful.

“It’s affected us in our prices and in our stock. I can’t get some of the newer products for this year. One of my fan favorites is Air Calvary, and not only that we have a shortage of everything is just hard transportation time, getting things to where they need to go,” says Aycock.

“I’m actually running lower than I am toward this type of tending to the year it’s looking like my tables are full right now because I went through last night and pulled all my stuff from behind the tables and restocked my tables because it was starting to look a little bad,” said Aycock.

Beside the shortage, there is also a possibility of rain this week that has Aycock nervous. He’s scared the forecast will keep people from buying fireworks this year.

“I’m hoping for the rain to come in a couple of days beforehand. That way we can, we can eliminate anybody’s fears of setting any fires or anything like that with fireworks. We’ve already had a lot of rain, but a little more right before New Year’s,” said Aycock. If you’re planning to purchase fireworks, Aycock says you should not wait until the last minute, or else you could end up with few options to choose from.

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