The secret is in sauce, success in business pl- The Reporter

Fairfield businessman Marcoantonio Rodriguez said his family’s Michelada sauce contains a tomato base, spiced up a little with fresh lime juice, Mexican spices “and our secret ingredients” from his family’s Mexican restaurant, La Costa Azul.

But like large companies that vaguely advertise their special sauce, 11 herbs and spices or cola recipe, the secret ingredients of the uniquely named sauce, Miche Miche Marlin Michelada, would remain a proprietary secret, he said.

Rodriguez certainly didn’t divulge the salsa secrets when he and three other contestants practically appeared on Bloomberg Television’s “2 Minute Drill” on February 26, when he presented the salsa and business plan in under two minutes to three men. successful business / judges for a chance. win $ 50,000 in cash …

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