The Scott County Humane Society raises money for the oven bill

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On Dec. 27, the Humane Society posted its old furnaces were leaking carbon monoxide and needed to be replaced.

The Humane Society of Scott County announced on New Years Day in a Facebook post that it raised enough money to cover the $60,000 bill.


  • Development Coordinator Celina Rippel said she was blown away by the support.

  • Organizers said cash donations came in both large and small amounts. People who weren’t able to donate money, reached out to donate dog beds or blankets to keep animals warm.

The City of Davenport provided space heaters to keep the building warm during the instillation of the new furnaces

“Obviously we have a lot of animal lovers [in the area], and that really shows,” Rippel said. “To see the outpouring of generosity from our community members has been absolutely amazing. We could not be more grateful for what everybody’s done.”

Rippel encouraged people to donate to all the area animal shelters when they can. For more information about donating or volunteering at the Humane Society of Scott County visit their website.

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