The Samsung Galaxy A04 is expected to be released surprisingly soon, with Wi-Fi 5 and Android 12 pre-installed

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In general, the appearance of a heretofore unknown device on the Wi-Fi Alliance database is one of the first stages of a new launch that occurs for the product in question a few months thereafter. Accordingly, it is a particular surprise to find Samsung has registered a “Galaxy A04” with the group already. It, like the A03, is now approved to use Wi-Fi 5, although it may have a more up-to-date Android 12-based OS out of the box. The latter could be a sign of the A04 launching as a 2023 device after all, although that does not explain why it has started to emerge in official leaks so soon.

So far, Samsung’s latest low- to mid-tier Android handsets have all been given the Galaxy Ax3 moniker. However, there are new indications that the next gadget in this category may already be on Ax4. This possibly inexpensive device, which is most likely not 5G, may have a second variation that will be released shortly. Given that the Galaxy A03 (as its name implies) is one of Samsung’s cheapest Android smartphones for 2022, one may anticipate the South Korean company to keep an Ax4 successor for the following year. However, according to a fresh leak, it may arrive much sooner than expected.


  • The “A04s” is apparently listed as also running Android 12, using the same Exynos 850 from the A13. Therefore, it seems Samsung may want to rush these 2 devices to the market – possibly to fulfil increased demand for more affordable phones – in 2022 after all. This would make the A03 even more of a bargain on Amazon, at least.  Are you a techie who knows how to write? Then join our Team!

  • Whenever the A04 might debut, it seems it might be closely followed by a replacement for the current A03s as well. The reported discovery of a “samsung SM-A047F” on Geekbench 5 has sparked that additional rumor, as the A04 has the model number SM-A045F, as per the Wi-Fi Alliance.

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