The release of Google Chrome 104 fixes 27 security holes

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Desktop users may run a manual search for updates to install the Chrome 104 update on their devices right away. Mobile users need to wait until the new release is pushed to their devices. Desktop users who want to install the update right now may do the following to do so: Load chrome://settings/help in the browser’s address bar. The page that opens displays the current version of Chrome. It performs a check for updates and will download and install any update that it finds.

A new stable version of Google’s Chrome web browser has been made available. All supported desktop operating systems as well as Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones can use Google Chrome 104. There is also Google Chrome 104 for the Extended Stable Channel. The full build numbers of the releases are Chrome 104.0.5112.79 for Mac and Linux, Chrome 104.0.5112.79/80/81 for Windows, Chrome 104.0.5112.69 for Android, and Chrome 104.0.5112.71 for iOS.


  • As far as non-security related changes in Chrome 104 are concerned, there are some. The Chrome Platform Status page lists thirteen feature change, all of them development related. Developers may want to check out the post about Chrome 104 Beta that provides details on some of the changes in Chrome 104. There is not much new that is of interest from a user’s perspective.

  • Google Chrome 104 patches 27 different security issues. Google reveals the severity of security vulnerabilities reported by third-party security researchers and organizations only. The maximum severity rating of the reported vulnerabilities is high, second only to critical. The release notes do not mention exploits in the wild at this time. It is still recommended to update Chrome immediately to protect the browser against attacks that target the vulnerabilities.

Expect updates from other Chromium-based browsers in the coming days, as several of the security issues are found in Chromium. Some of the security issues are Chrome-specific on the other hand. DescriptionGoogle has released a new stable version of the company’s Chrome web browser. Google Chrome 104 is available for all supported operating systems.


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