The Realme 8 Pro will feature an all-new 108MP camera system

Realme 8 Pro will be equipped with a brand new 108MP camera system

Tech News: The Realme 8 Pro will feature an all-new 108MP camera system.

Realme’s recent phones have all gone the same way – amazing value given the specs, but slightly below average cameras. This was true of the X2 Pro I reviewed last year and it still seemed to be the case when Prasham recently reviewed the X7 Pro 5G. However, sibling Oppo / OnePlus is hoping to make a U-turn with its next lineup of smartphones, thanks to an all-new 108MP camera system and a host of new features.

The Chinese company organized a live streaming event today to show us what we can expect from its new camera when the Realme 8 series is launched. This is the 108MP Samsung HM2 sensor that supports 9-in-1 pixel binning at 12,000 x 9,000 pixels and a large 1 / 1.52 ″ sensor. Also present are ISOCELL Plus and Smart-ISO technology, which should allow the sensor to maximize photo quality regardless of the lighting situation in which you are shooting. Realme cameras haven’t been very adept in low-light conditions in the past, so I imagine that will be one of the main focuses of this new system.

The most publicized new feature is what Realme calls the world’s first tilt shift time-lapse on a smartphone. In addition to tilt-shift stills, Realme 8 series phones will be able to produce eye-catching time-lapse videos with customizable shape, angle, position and bokeh metrics. Of course, as Realme phones are aimed at teens and young adults, there will be a number of new portrait filters launched with the upcoming phones, such as Neon Portrait, Dynamic Bokeh Portrait, and AI Color Portrait.

Check out the 30-minute presentation above if you want to learn more about Realme’s new camera system. We hope to be able to test it when the Realme 8 series is made official in the coming weeks.