The Quarry was supposed to be a Google Stadia-only game

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While neither Google nor developer Supermassive Games has commented, a representative for 2K Games’ parent company Take-Two said the UK studio was “looking for a publishing partner as the project came to completion”. The Until Dawn developer announced a collaboration with Stadia in 2020, although Google effectively canned plans for first-party projects in 2021, and the title was never publicly announced. Up to 64 cores of sheer power in your workstation to quickly beat any challenge. Explore, iterate, and render time irrelevant. A force of ingenuity. Learn More.

Your workstation can have up to 64 cores of pure processing power to rapidly overcome any difficulty. Explore, iterate, and ignore the passage of time. An ingenious power. Find out more. The Quarry, a spiritual sequel to Until Dawn, was rumoured to have been first published by Google as part of the search engine giant’s cloud streaming Stadia programme. According to industry publication Axios, which cited “two individuals acquainted” with the release’s preparation, this is the case. It was subsequently bought up by 2K Games and published on the PS5 and PS4, as well as a variety of other platforms.


  • Ultimately, we thought The Quarry was a middling affair, but reviews elsewhere have been have been much more positive. Still, we’re glad it was ultimately released on PlayStation platforms – imagine if this had ended up forever tethered to Stadia. Students in Fairfax County’s elementary and middle schools must turn off their phones and put them away for the duration of the school day. Ron Deskins, one of the first to integrate Virginia schools, died at the age of 74. Angela Alsobrooks, the CEO of Prince George’s County, and Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington, D.C., have endorsed each other. FAIRFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA – The Fairfax County Public School Board of Education decided on Thursday to prohibit mobile phone use in classrooms.


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