The portable game 2022 Laptop

The portable game 2022 Laptop

Successive BJP and Congress governments have been accused of razing temples in Rajgarh, leading to a political slugfest between the parties ding the needs of gamers along with portability is the Legion Slim 7 laptop from Lenovo that was recently unleashed upon the Indian market. Most gaming laptops have common characteristics that define them; top-notch performance, loud fans, RGB lighting, chunky designs and poor battery life. Lenovo aims to eliminate the bulk and bring about a little bit of portability. With a 19mm-thick frame and a weight of 4.1 pounds, the Legion Slim 7 manages to maintain a good build quality in a lightweight chassis. It’s adapting to the new trend of portable gaming laptops, something which I can get on board with.

With its slim design, the Lenovo Legion Slim 7 is a lightweight alternative to typical laptops. The question is whether or not it sacrificed performance to get here. Let us investigate. Can bulldozers and excavators be used to teach a lesson to someone the ruler deems an offender while the Constitution and every law in it insist on due process, even for a murderer? The conflict is not one of ‘land jihad’ or Hindus vs Muslims, but of a tribal group with no authority or influence and an administration that bows to the powerful and influential.


  • The 15.6-inch FHD panel (with a 165Hz refresh rate) is fast enough for those long gaming sessions you have with your friends. There’s also G-Sync support. There are narrow bezels on three sides and the display is vibrant with good viewing angles. It’s just limited by a peak brightness of 300 nits. That means that this laptop is basically unusable outside. It’s not that you’d be buying this laptop, to game outside in a park, in any case.

  • It looks premium and comes with an all-black finish (Shadow Black) but needs to be cleaned of fingerprints and smudges once every few days. The best part of this design choice is that one can throw it into any backpack and easily carry it from one place to another without any fear of breakage. This is a gaming laptop through and through. It’s equipped with AMD’s Ryzen 7 5800H processor (one would have hoped for a 6000 series chip instead), 16GB of DDR4 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics, a 15.-6inch FHD 16:9 display with a 165Hz refresh rate) and a 512 GB SSD.The laptop, with its aluminium chassis, is built to survive. It’s built like a tank. The lid opens 180-degrees, which is very useful when having to sit in the window seat of a cafe on a busy Monday morning. The Legion logo on the lid has subtle colours and changes depending upon the light hitting it. Even the rear area that juts out has this effect. It makes the laptop just that much more unique.