The popular Android Auto app inexplicably disappears and Coolwalk is also missing

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Users who turned to Google’s forums reveal that Audacy, a popular platform that provides access to radio stations and podcasts, is no longer available on Android Auto for a reason that’s impossible to figure out. Some people believe it’s all caused by a recent update released by Google, while others claim that “Android Auto losing apps” is something that makes the experience overall kind of redundant. In other words, these people say, using Android Auto doesn’t make much sense.

Version 7.9 of Android Auto was recently released through the Google Play Store, bringing it up to date. The updated Auto UI for Android The updated Auto UI for Android The updated Auto UI for Android The updated Auto UI for Android The updated Auto UI for Android the new Auto UI for Android. And while fresh Android Auto upgrades are frequently to blame for the appearance of new bugs, a recent glitch that appears to be affecting Audacy is probably the consequence of something else.


  • In the meantime, everybody’s looking for the highly anticipated Coolwalk update that Google promised to go live in the summer. Version 7.9, whose rollout started only a few days ago, comes without this major overhaul, so now there’s hope that Coolwalk would be included in version 8.0 due next month. Needless to say, there’s no other option right now than to wait for Google to push the go-ahead button for the Coolwalk rollout, as enabling the new UI in a different way isn’t possible. The company has remained completely tight-lipped on an updated UI regarding the Coolwalk debut, so fingers crossed for the August 2022 update to finally include it.

  • On the other hand, Audacy losing support for Android Auto is very likely the result of a bug in the latest version of the app and isn’t necessarily tied to Google’s software. Of course, this is just a guess at this point, as neither Audacy nor Google acknowledged the problem. We have reached out to both of them for additional information and will update the article when and if an answer is offered.



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