The police do business with Miramar after chasing Miami-Dade and Broward

MIRAMAR, Florida – Sky 10 was on a large police presence at 2700 South University Drive in Miramar, where a police chase concluded Thursday morning.

The chase originated in Miami-Dade County and ended up in Broward.

A black four-door Infinity was spotted circling a mall in Miramar before it parked in one spot and the driver randomly alighted. Then he entered one of the mall’s businesses.

The Sky 10 video then showed armed agents breaking into one of those activities.

A couple of people were arrested, but there are no official reports of arrests from Police.

Authorities believe the black Infinity was the vehicle they were looking for.

“It’s a little scary because we don’t usually get that much excitement here,” said Florrie Lopez, who …

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