The Pixel dialer has been updated by Google; the new version corresponds to the calendar and lock screen

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For a few days after we passed along this information, the dialer on this writer’s Pixel 6 Pro was updated to the new version. But just as quietly as the new dialer appeared, it disappeared and was replaced by the old dialer. That is, until yesterday. The new dialer, with its shape-shifting buttons, has returned at the same time that the April Android security update was disseminated.

We alerted you about a new Android 12 dialer buried in the Google Phone app back in February. The numbers on the dialer are housed inside a pill-shaped container that changes shape when tapped, similar to the Android 12 Google Calculator and the Pixel Lock Screen.


  • Updated  version of the Google Phone app with a new dialer – Google updates the Pixel dialer; new iteration matches the calculator and lock screen. Updated version of the Google Phone app with a new dialer Considering the timing, we would expect the change to hang around for some time which is something that we would be happy about since the previous version of the dialer was rather bland. With the new look, the dialer has some character to it and it matches the calculator and lock screen.


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