The PG16 is Austrian Audio’s first gaming headset

The PG16 is Austrian Audio's first gaming headset

Without further ado, these are the highlights of the Austrian Audio PG16 gaming headset: Foldable design for maximum portability and easy storage. Metal hinges, replaceable earcups made of special memory foam, detachable cables. High-excursion 44 mm drivers with 113 dBspl/V sensitivity, 25 Ω impedance, 150 mW input power, and a frequency range of 12 Hz to 24 kHz. Omnidirectional lift-to-mute microphone.

The Austrian Audio PG16 gaming headset is compatible with a broad range of devices and boasts 44 mm high-excursion drivers, a lift-to-mute omnidirectional microphone, readily replaceable earcups, metal hinges, and a folding design for optimal portability. The ticket is 139 Euros (about US$157). Austrian Audio has been around since 2017, and was founded by former AKG employees. Although the company has a presence in more than 60 countries, it has solely released professional audio headsets and microphones until recently. The PG16 is Austrian Audio’s first product built particularly for gamers, and it is now available.


  • The price tag reads 139 Euros, which currently translates to roughly US$157. The Austrian Audio PG16 gaming headset can be acquired from the manufacturer’s website, as well as from various offline and online retailers, including Amazon. In addition to the headset and the detachable cables, the retail package also includes a voucher for the aforementioned surround sound software, as well as a storage/carry bag.

  • This headset is a TeamSpeak-certified piece of hardware that works with PCs, Macs, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, smartphones/tablets, and Xbox consoles with TRRS socket. It can also be used with older media players (portable or not), turntables, external sound cards that feature a 3.5 mm audio jack.