The OnePlus 10 will be released without the Hasselblad logo (or an Alert Slider)

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On the other hand, this leaves the rear panel depicted in former “Reno8 Pro” renders free for the actual 10, which is the effective message behind a new leak from the often-accurate leaker Yogesh Brar. The image has cropped up again in a new report from the blog MySmartPrice, exclusively associated with an upcoming OnePlus phone this time.

According to the newest reports, OnePlus is planning to release a luxury smartphone named the 10T in 2022, but there is still time for a vanilla 10 to appear alongside it. This smartphone is believed to resemble the current 10 Pro in appearance, but without some of the flagship’s most distinguishing features. Prior to its arrival, the OPPO Reno8 series drew a lot of attention from leakers, leading to claims that one of its members will launch with a design that looked almost identical to the OnePlus 10 Pro, and would then be re-branded as the vanilla 10 in some areas. However, the 8 Pro in question arrived with a considerably more distinct build, making it appear to be more unique.


  • Then again, the alleged 10 camera hump also lacks the Alert Slider that is found within that of the 10 Pro. Therefore, this new leak might back up earlier claims that the OEM will keep the innovative hardware feature for Pro variants only in the future.

  • The render is much the same as before, and suggests the 10 and 10 Pro will have very similar rear camera humps – with some potentially crucial differences. Brar and MySmartPrice claim to have found that it still lacks a Hasselblad logo, despite being a putative part of the OnePlus flagship line-up alongside the also-rumored 10T – which is currently believed to have the branding.

Finally, this new leak may presume to confirm that both the 10 and 10T are on the way: according to another post by Brar, there are 2 distinct new model numbers involved in OnePlus’ late-2022 premium-to-mid-range device plans: “CPH2413”, thought to be the 10, and CPH2455, which could be the 10T.


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