The One UI 5.0 update from Samsung could offer significant improvements to UI animations

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Samsung’s Galaxy phones boast gorgeous displays, many of which now offer high refresh rates. This makes everything on the screen appear to move more smoothly, with the end result being a pleasant visual experience for the user. With One UI 5.0, Samsung is allegedly working on greatly improving the animation speeds while navigating the phone’s UI. This, in turn, would make that feeling of fluidity even greater for everyday use. No matter how fast a screen is, it takes only a few instances of stutter or lag to ruin that seamless experience.

With the official release of One UI 4.0 on December 6, 2021, Samsung added a lot of aesthetic enhancements. A revamped colour palette that used Android 12’s Material You design language, as well as a new appearance for widgets, were among the more visible changes. Of course, One UI 5.0 is the next significant software upgrade in line. Samsung should release the latest version at the same time as Google’s Android 13 release, as it did last year. Despite the fact that that day is still a long way off, the people at SamMobile have managed to get their hands on some One UI 5.0 information.


  • We expect Samsung to announce One UI 5.0 and everything new it will bring to the table sometime in October when the South Korean tech giant will likely hold its Developers’ Conference event. The first public beta version of One UI 4.0 was released in September, which leads us to think that a similar time frame might apply to One UI 5.0 too. Most likely, just like last year, the first devices that will get the latest software are the company’s flagship “S” series—the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra.


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