The mystery surrounding the iPhone Processor 14 has taken yet another turn

The mystery surrounding the iPhone Processor 14 has taken yet another turn

Chipsets are important for phones, as they dictate how powerful they are, and therefore how well the phones run intensive apps like games or video editors. However there are diminishing returns at the high end, and more power doesn’t make the experience of using the phone noticeably different. I Urgently Need Rs 50 Lakh To Save My Son. Please Help!
Ketto. The report says Apple is doing this as it’s struggling to produce enough new A16 Pro and M2 chipsets, and so is working on solutions to ensure it can still sell as many iPhones as possible.

What chipset will be used in the iPhone 14? That’s a riddle that the tech rumour mill has been debating recently, as reports claim it could arrive with a split chipset – people believe the Pro and Pro Max will get a new CPU, while the basic and Max will keep the same one as the iPhone 13. According to iDrop News, the earlier chip (known as the A15 Bionic) will make a comeback, but with a new name: the A16 Bionic. The A16 Pro is rumoured to be the name of the actual brand-new chip.


  • However one of the upgrades we can count on is a new chipset each year – so if Apple uses the same chipset in the iPhone 14 and 14 Max as it did in the iPhone 13 series, even that step up won’t come along. If so, Apple will really need to find another improvement it can bring to the iPhone 14, to make sure buyers still want it instead of the older alternative, which will likely be a little more affordable due to being a year old. Some rumors have suggested the iPhone 14 will lose the notch used on the iPhone 13, but it’s not clear if this is all members of the line, or just the two Pro devices.

  • This line of reasoning makes sense, though renaming the chipset might trick some people into believing the phone has a newer chipset, and is more powerful, than it really is. While the chipset split has been rumored by loads of sources, this strange naming change has only been mentioned by this one site, so we won’t take it as gospel just yet. We haven’t seen a big Apple iPhone redesign for a few years, and we’re not expecting any monumental shakeup for the iPhone 14.

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Perhaps we’ll see some serious camera or display improvements to make the iPhone 14 phones a step up – camera and screen tech manufacturing hasn’t been as badly affected by the chipset shortage as… well, chipsets. But that remains to be seen. So it’s probably safe not to get too excited for the iPhone 14 just yet – that way you won’t get disappointed if there are no upgrades, and if there are, you get that pleasant surprise.