The “Movies and TV” tab has been removed from the Google Play Store for Android


Starting in May, Google says “Movies & TV will no longer be supported” in the Play Store found on Android phones and tablets. The company announced this change in an email to customers today. This means that tab will be removed from the bottom bar, with search also no longer surfacing films and shows. Users are redirected to the standalone Google TV client, which is already pre-installed on Android devices.

Google Play was left with applications, books, and television once Play Music died. Movies & TV will be removed from the Google Play Store soon, and the Google TV app will be the new way to buy and rent content. Google ceased selling songs and albums that could be purchased individually when YouTube Music completely replaced the Play counterpart. The impending Play Movies & TV change is less severe, but it does contribute to the disintegration of Google Play as a single media shop.


  • In late 2020, the Play Movies & TV app on Android was overhauled to become Google TV. The client acts as a library, store, and recommendations feed for media. That coincided with the new Chromecast and a slew of content integrations for the streaming dongle. The app is only available on Android, with Play Movies & TV unchanged on iOS. For a good year or so, the Google TV rebrand was limited to the United States, but it came to 14 more countries in September of 2021. It also gained an in-app Android TV remote at that time.

  • You will be able to buy and rent content as you do today, while all “purchased content will continue to be available in the Google TV app.” There is no impact to family sharing, Play Points, or the ability to use Play credits/gift cards since the backend infrastructure is not changing. Other aspects that stay the same are refund requests and wishlists. Meanwhile, no changes were announced for on the web today.