The Motorola Edge + (2022), which competes with the Galaxy S22, is closer and cheaper than expected

The Motorola Edge + (2022), which competes with the Galaxy S22, is closer and cheaper than expected

As it turns out, that May 25 date was way off mark, and at least for Verizon customers, sales are definitely set to kick off this Thursday, March 24, both on and offline. Multiple reliable publications are reporting that the unlocked Motorola Edge Plus (2022) will become available from a bunch of different retailers on March 24 as well, although it might be wise to wait a couple more days before getting excited about that. Best Buy, in case you’re wondering, is no longer listing any release date whatsoever, presumably in anticipation of final confirmation and, well, actual inventory from Motorola.

While Motorola’s big US flagship comeback announcement put a smile on many of the company’s hardcore regional fans’ faces last month, a large portion of that initial excitement around the 5G-enabled Edge+ (2022) may have quickly dissipated when Best Buy appeared to confirm a distant May 25 release date. The Lenovo-owned brand, for its part, preferred to keep things unclear at first, just teasing a commercial launch “in the coming months” at Verizon, Boost Mobile, and Republic Wireless, as well as Amazon, Best Buy, and the manufacturer’s own official US e-store.


  • As far as we know, the non-carrier-specific Edge Plus (2022) is set to carry a $999.99 recommended price point you’ll be able to reduce by $100 if you hurry and get your order in shortly after March 24. At $849.99 (with no apparent launch discount), the Edge+ 5G UW will set you back a whopping 350 bucks less than the cheapest Verizon-locked Galaxy S22 Ultra configuration. Of course, while that’s a relatively fair comparison to make up to a point, it’s worth highlighting that Samsung includes its cutting-edge S Pen into that $1199.99 price. The Motorola Edge Plus (2022), meanwhile, comes with stylus support but no such writing accessory bundled in as standard, and ominously enough, no mention of this feature whatsoever in today’s Verizon press release.

  • What’s perhaps more surprising than the early Verizon debut of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1-powered Edge+ is the carrier’s $849.99 retail price… with absolutely no strings attached. You’ll obviously be able to split that into 36 monthly payments of $23.61 if you so choose, and if you don’t mind strings, you can prepare a “qualifying” trade-in for the chance to save up to $800 with a new line or number port-in or up to $700 with a good old fashioned upgrade of an existing line of service. Dubbed (annoyingly) the Motorola Edge+ 5G UW, the 6.7-inch ultra-high-end handset will undercut other premium phones compatible with Big Red’s blazing fast Ultra Wideband network, and perhaps most shockingly, its own unlocked model too.