The Lewes womproposes her business, Pinch Me Therapy Dough, to Shark Tank investors

LEWES, Del. – Nancy Rothner, who owns a Lewes company called Pinch Me, is still shocked that she had the opportunity to swim with sharks, and no, not real sharks, but some of the major investors in the Shark Tank show.

“It’s not sunk yet, it doesn’t feel real, the whole thing is surreal to me,” Rothner said.

For the past 20 years Rothner has worked as a clinical hypnotherapist.

During that time, she saw that many of her clients were dealing with stress.

“I was seeing that the general stress stats were on the rise, all age groups everywhere it just keeps going higher and higher,” Rothner said.

So, she wondered what she can do to help those dealing with this?

And what came to her mind was the therapeutic paste.

“It involves so many of your …

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