The latest video features Xbox Game Pass and Turbo Golf Racing on PC: Early Access Game

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In reimagining Rocket League minigolf, Hugecalfs ask users to compete in car-to-drive tournaments with up to eight friends, so that they hit a giant ball and knock it into a hole. Among the arenas, there will be multiple jump-platforms, turbo-boosting areas, crossroads, to take opponents surprise and wrest control of the megagolf ball.

Thursday, August 4th, is the first day of Early Access for Turbo Golf Racing on PC and Xbox Games Pass. Hugecalf Studios’ arcade racing, which is focused on adding minigolf to the chaotic clashes of Rocket League, gives us a taste of the gaming experience it has to offer so that we may get a sense of the important task at hand. The animation video for Turbo Golf has obvious references to the now-iconic Psyonix combat vehicle racings in terms of aesthetics and game dynamics, but it’s not just about the design in terms of performance; it’s also about the technical.


  • Ever wanted to swing through the streets of New York on the go? Well soon you’ll be able to do just that, as the upcoming PC release of Insomniac’s seminal Marvel’s Spider-Man is officially Steam Deck verified, announced Insomniac. The news was simply tweeted out from the developer’s official account, but it’s a question that’s likely been on many a Steam Deck owner’s mind.

  • Ever wished to go quickly through New York City’s streets? As soon as the impending PC edition of Insomniac’s groundbreaking Marvel’s Spider-Man is officially validated by Steam Deck, you’ll be able to do just that, the developer said. The information was merely tweeted from the developer’s official account, although it’s probable that many Steam Deck owners have wondered about it.


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