The latest iPadOS update prevents the iPad mini 6 from load

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Interestingly, Apple says making a hardware replacement to swap to a new unit or installing a new battery will not fix the issue which pretty much means that the problem is with the iPad mini 6’s software. Apple is in the midst of beta testing iPadOS 15.6 which would likely contain a patch to fix the issue.

Apple is aware of a problem preventing the iPad mini 6 from charging, according to an internal memo acquired by MacRumors. Apple noted that it is aware of some consumers are unable to charge their devices after updating iPadOS 15.5 in the message it sent to authorised service providers. As Apple conducts its investigation, the company is directing service providers and retail employees to advise users to restart the product as a workaround.


  • The iPad mini 6 is having problems charging after iPadOS 15.5 is installed – Latest iPadOS update breaks charging on the iPad mini 6 Another iPad mini 6 owner found a way to restore charging on the device. Pops geezer wrote on the forum, “Today it would not charge. I tried multiple cables and chargers (all Apple). Finally I did a reboot (two buttons, swipe to shut down, etc). After rebooting it started charging. All appears ok for now – just wondering if others have had this happen. All software is up to date.”

  • Some iPad mini 6 users took to Apple’s discussion forum to complain about the problem. One user tried multiple times to factory reset his device which helped in the short term before the issue returned. The user, using the name andycyphert, wrote,”I’ve done 2 factory resets/restore and multiple ‘normal’ shut down/resets. This solution lasts about 3 days then the iPad will no longer charge again until I factory reset or soft reset.”

Those with the iPad mini 6 are hoping that Apple will soon disseminate iPadOS 15.6. In the meantime, you could test out whether rebooting the slate, as Pops geezer did, will bring you any success. Let us know in the comments section and we will keep you up to date regarding Apple’s response. Get the most important news, reviews and deals in mobile tech delivered straight to your inbox


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